Der Zerfall

Der Zerfall – s/t

Wave guitars and “Fliehende Stürme” keys, dark punk-tunes, somewhere between EA80 and Blitzkid, Christian Death and Super Heroins. The berlin city slickers’ DER ZERFALL (the decay) debut is a feast for dark punk fans.

DER ZERFALL don’t need that much name dropping, leaving there own unique footsteps on the path of depro punk and beyond. Yes, you could call the selftitled debut a cross between 45 Grave and The Cure’s “Pornography”, but Der ZERFALL is so much more. It’s fresh and unique. Imagine a rollercoaster-ride….warm clean waveparts…slowly the rollercoaster goes up…you relax, knowing what will come…but you never know when DER ZERFALL will spin you around and push your head back into the seat with a punkexplosion like a thunderstorm!

Sometimes a “Simon Gallup memorial bassline” drives the sound (“Ich Sein”), then a thunder of samples and effekts blows you away (“Die Vision”), then again “RUDIMENTARY PENI-Chaos shines through. Last but not least Sven Rebentisch’s sharp, angry, acrid voice is like the dot on the i. The truth needs to be spit out-into your face!

With their first five furious songs DER ZERFALL show their fellow dark-punk musicians where the rubber hits the road.

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