The SlimP

The SlimP – Wavelands

THE SLIMP are one of these bands whose output is worth a best-of after a few years yet. Last year, the band from Cologne released the compilation “Recall 2003 – 2005” to share a review on their own creations with their growing number of supporters. In 2009, the THE SLIMP are looking into the future again – and the new record shows, that a look back can as well be a look ahead: “Wavelands” sends cosy shivers down your spine like we remember from our favourite bands of the eighties.

But the dark-wave band from Cologne sounds a lot fresher than most of their genre-fellows, delivering an album that can easily be a match for the great names of the scene. The songs offer so many diverse structures that not only hardcore wave fans but all true lovers of good music might hunger for “Wavelands”. THE SLIMP go beyond striking bass-lines and the “clean Cure-strat”, presenting their most homogenous and mature album now.

Front-singer Elisa drives the eleven songs forward with her straight voice, moving lasciviously through the sensuous moments. Besides the good singing, the unique song-structures are an indulgence to the well-disposed listener. After all, the band unwaveringly follows the track, that they started driving on with their debut “Masquerade” in 2004. But by now, the dark-wave field path of then has become a broad motorway with exits to indie (“Hypnosis”) and pop (“Love and Lie”).

In between these alternative rides, THE SLIMP again and again invite their listeners to rest on one of the numerous beautifully situated lay-bys (“Wavelands”, “Island Fog”). This motorway really makes us curious to know its destination. For the moment, it’s a guarantee for a relaxed and yet exciting journey through modern wave-landscapes – with THE SLIMP always being some kilometres ahead of their competitors.

In its quiet moments, THE SLIMP’s new record is the comforting warm pullover that you wish for when the heating breaks down in winter. When it gets going, the record runs like a well-oiled machine. On “Wavelands”, all parts just work perfectly hand in hand.

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