Light In Your Life

Self-titled debut album by Light In Your Life

Post Punk meets Post Rock highlighting the field between Shoegaze and Show> – the Swedes LIGHT IN YOUR LIFE produce psychodelic pop pearls like bands such as EDITORS, ELEFANT and ESKOBAR and their debut is just as good.

They already raised attention a year ago releasing an EP under the name of SLEAZY ROMANCE. In Sweden insiders celebrated this band as swedens answer to INTERPOL: the five guys from Uppsala manage the balancing act between melancholy and ease at least as impressive as the famous New Yorkers.

From the deep wave-roots of LIGHT IN YOUR LIFE grows a strong stock of solid rock, entwined by psychodelic leaves. The treetop grows far beyond the dark wave spinney and gets enough sun to blossom into a bright pop sensation.

LIGHT IN YOUR LIFEs songs are drawn to the sun (“It would be fine”) or lurk in the dark (“Psych”). In the style of classicas singer-songwriters frontman Johann tells great stories of great emotions (“Song about love”) which his band captures with hypnotic riffs and dominant drums.

The debut of this aspiring new scandinavian songplant is released on the 19th of June on CD and as a worldwide Net-Release on afmusic. The pre-release single includes the hits “Smile that smile” and “Geldof”. These are already downloadable and you can still listen to the bands 2008 EP released under the name of SLEAZY ROMANCE.


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