Verlustprinzip are back with their new album “Ganz nah am Licht” in October

“Sometimes it is hard to smile, sometimes it is hard to understand”

This line of a song of the second release of VERLUSTPRINZIP “Ganz nah am Licht” is a good mirror image for the whole album. Because it isn’t light fare, you have to get into the 9 songs and be ready for an unknown journey.

VERLUSTPRINZIP achieved to frame the charismatic speech of the singer with subtle sounds and tone collages much more intensive. Well-thought-out anti-arrangements and haunting lyric form a mood, like being in a building of cement and glass and a chill runs through the room. It seems, as the psychiatry isn’t far away, when you listen to the disturbing-vexing sounds of VERLUSTPRINZIP. But as psychotic the music is, it won’t let you go anymore!

The extraordinary work will be released on October 17th 2011 as a limited CD-R as well as a download on afmusic and all well-known download stores.


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