The time has come: razor-sharp “Empathie” is attacking!

REBENTISCH: A name, a band, three strong men who now what they don’t want and with their new album arrange for a bugging operation of a very special kind.

REBENTISCH surprise in a new line-up with their album “EMPATHIE” and a lot of courage for a change. Leaves are falling from te trees and days become shorter. Autumn begins. The radical growing melancholy and the simultaneous wish for joy, luck and warmth control the nation’s emotional life in these days.

The artistic trio around the vocalist and songwriter Sven Rebentisch, the former “Skeptiker” Andreas Kupsch and the guitarist Jens Bohm pick these emotions up in a skillful way and reach their listener’s hearts with their direct-striking giant lyrics. Thereby the band shows itself very manifold.

After the last electro-work “UNTER DER STADT”, which was created by Sven and Jens without Andreas, the new album “EMPATHIE” shows influences of darkwave and electro as well as Ska and Punk. The play with the genres and the look over the edge of the plate at the same time create a colourful mixture, which is quite and absolute danceable. “EMAPTHIE” offers the right song for every taste and every mood.

REBENTISCH acts surprising explosive and directly. A band that will provide for furore with a lot of pieces of legerdemain. The new album “EMPATHIE” is available from November 11th on in all stores.

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