Chemical Waves

Second download single “Murders TV” by Chemical Waves

“…What scares me is when I see what’s on cable t.v. Some of the violence in the movies that come into homes today is stuff they wouldn’t show in X-rated adult theatres 30 years ago. This is the most graphic violence on the screen, especially when children are unattended or unaware that they could be a Ted Bundy, that they could have a predisposition to that kind of behavior..” (Ted Bundy)

What are the violence and pornography? What the role of the tv and media in our life today?

“Murders TV” is the second shocking single by chemical waves, after the first single called “The Origin” was released on 30th January 2012 by afmusic. Following the Carl Jung words, we meet a “coming evil”, one of the most famous serial killer, Ted Bundy! The term “serial killer” was not developed until the early 1980s when the FBI began to study and characterize criminal profiles. Ted Bundy was the first criminal classified by the FBI as a “serial killer”.

In his last interview before execution, the serial killer Ted Bundy make a reflection on our society and on the concept of pornography not only like a sexual act but like everything wrong and obscene that comes in our homes today through the TV and internet and the strong effects that may result in the life of teenagers. In support of Ted Bundy there is a sermon by an american preacher! The live death is on your screen!!

The single contains an instrumental b-side called “A Soundless Echo”, a trip inside the killer brain, and a special version of title track made by the mind.area vs. human decay. All the tracks written and arranged by Marco Cattani and mixed by Nicola Di Già. Guitar recorded by Nicola Di Già.


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