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Neon Zoo album “O” will be released on 30th of March

On March 30th 2012 the second album “O” of the UK darkwave band NEON ZOO will be released in two editions. First the 11 songs + 6 bonus tracks version to buy, there will be a free dowload of the album with 11 songs as well.

Already on the forerunner, “Heaven Sin”, the depths of human soul were fathomed, “O” goes even a step further. Darker, with more sex-appeal and a lot of twists and turns. The album pulsates between catching dacefloor-fillers, like “Purity” or “Haunt”, and menacing, seducing and enigmatically fascinating moments of dark indulgence, which is carried by the vocals in songs such as “The Offering”, “The Voyeur” and “Seethe”.

“O” is an album of a different kind, in which 2 years work in the role of audio producer gets demonstrated. “O” can be many things – a circle, a ring, a hole… or simply a sign of the continuous change. As well as the live band, that gets assisted by guest musicians, Richard (Bass) and Mike (member of the band Manuskript) appear on the album, too. The concentrated creativity, the profound lyrics and the professional production make “O” a real masterpiece.

“O” will be released on March 30th 2012 with 11 songs + 6 bonus tracks on all well-known download stores.

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