Sharon Next

Sharon Next publish remix EP “Der Hase”

Rabbit on the run! When fun turns into severity: After the song “Der Hase” (‘the rabbit’) on the germany-tour of “Sharon Next”, which was intended as a tragical gag, it turned out to be a favourite of the audience, the band decided, that this song has to get its own release.

“Der Hase” was re-interpreted by nameable producers, such as Nico Wieditz (And One), Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil) or Sami (Faderhead) for a 11-track-maxi-CD- But that’s not enough: To let this club-disc become a real collector’s item, it was perfected with delicacies such as B-Sides, cover versions as well as a duet.

Even the packing is a complete eye-catcher, because of the cover artwork was made by the famous artist Reiner Langer, exclusively for Sharon Next with Oil on a canvas.

Conclusion: Utterly an insider’s tip for eyes and ears!

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