Ending The Vicious Cycle

Ending The Vicious Cycle – Texas Post-Punk on the rise

For some time now, something quite special has been brewing in Texas. Something which most people wouldn’t anticipate. ENDING THE VICIOUS CYCLE from Fort Worth, Texas, present new post-punk true to the spirit of the great originals.

Although obviously influenced by many seminal post-punk bands, EVC still have created something uniquely original. Lead singer/guitarist Toby A. Rider has, after some line-up changes, built a band which has become something of a cult favorite. After the success of their debut single “1000 Words” the Texas-based post punker cap it all off and release their debut EP “Ghosts” on August 31st 2012 via afmusic. which will be available on every well-known store as CD as well as digital, from then on. Fans of Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure or Xmal Deutschland shouldn’t miss this band.

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