Chemical Waves // The Garden Of The Forking Paths

Chemical Waves’ ride through history will be released on 30. November 2012

A ride through history, from America to Russia, John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe until Steve Jobs: the time, destiny and history, life and death, war and peace, destruction and rebuilding, crime and victims, a series of links to different realities…This is the first explosive new album of CHEMICAL WAVES.

Anticipated by the release of four singles, “The Origin“, “Murders TV“, “Sweet Candy Bullets” and “The Great Dictator“, with related video clips available on Youtube, on November 30th comes the new full-length album released as a free download and on all major download stores by afmusic.


CHEMICAL WAVES is a project of Marco Cattani, a former member of the electronic band “Halo effect” (www.facebook.com/haloeffectband). This side project was born from desire to develop a different sound, the desire to experiment and exploring a new musical form, a deep and intense sound running through dark atmospheres and obsessive rhythms. All songs use some samples that replace the vocals line. All the tracks written and arranged by Marco Cattani. Mixing by Nicola Di Già. Guitar recorded by Nicola Di Già.