Emerald Park release a foretaste of their upcoming album with the “Black Box”

One year after the completely self-produced album “Absolute Zero” Emerald Park return with the “Black Box” EP in the beginning of May. As against the forerunner the recording process was changed and the band went to the studio with the idea, to make the recordings as authentic as possible.

“What you hear in the headphones is also what you will hear on stage.”

What was left is the sparkling indie pop with the typical swedish addiction to melancholy. And as it has been on the releases before, Martina’s and Tobias’ voice harmonize and put the squiggled lyrics in a nutshell. In the 10 years, that Emerald Park exist, they made a journey through a lot of different genres – from alternative country and power pop of the early days to today’s, american-canadian coined indie.

Emerald Park’s success mostly comes from the curcumstance of releasing their music under a free Creative Commons license. Around 2 million streamed songs, ten thousands of downloads on pages such as Jamendo, Bandcamp or and many uses of their tracks in videos on Youtube and short- as well as commercial movies speak for themselves.

A foretaste of the “Black Box” EP is offered by the recently from the swedish netlabel 23 Seconds as a free download released “Things” EP, on which, next to songs of last year’s album and some B-sides, the new song “Modular Home” can be found. The EP “Black Box” will be available on all well-known download stores from May 3rd 2013 on.

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