Ending The Vicious Cycle

The texan post punker Ending the Vicious Cycle release new singles

After the successful debut EP “Ghosts”, released in August 2012, the texan post punkers around mastermind Toby Rider haven’t been idle. In February this year they released the EP’s title track in a “Kitty Lectro-Remix” as a free download single, which was approved with rapture. In April followed another free download single “First and Last and Always” as a tribut to the goth rock veterans The Sisters of Mercy.

With the new Single “Back To Me 2”, which is now available on bandcamp, Ending the Vicious Cycle build the bridge to the most anticipated first full-length album. Matured melidies copulated with delicate guitars on a perfect rhythm section and get perfected by Toby’s distinctive voice. A please for the ears, not only for the goth rocker, but a skillful evolution of classic post punk, that can easily match with the big bands of the scene.

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