Supreme Soul

Debut album from the Portuguese Indie Rock band SUPREME SOUL now available in Germany

At the end of 2012 the Portuguese Indie Rock band SUPREME SOUL released their debut album “No One’s All”, a trip to the inner self, the grace and imperfection of human existence. The sound of the eleven songs is a mix of characteristic influences from Post Punk and New Wave of the 80s with a romantic and epic atmosphere.

In order to bring their debut album to a broad audience, the band decides to join the afmusic-family and re-releases “No One’s All” in Germany at the end of November 2013.

SUPREME SOUL turn out to be a fusion of guitars, synthesizers and enjoyable rhythms, with high emotional intensity. Their music resembles some of the most well-known bands with exceptional quality such as Joy Division and New Order or the more contemporary Interpol but SUPREME SOUL came to leave their own mark in the national and international music scene. The first step has been made.

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