Ground Zero

“Here, at the beginning of the end…”

…these first words are representative for this release which will be an only-online-album.

The conscious break with conventional “music marketing strategies”, going own ways and the return to what distinguished this kind of music for many decades these are the bands intensions. Acting in the underground, winning fans all over the world, just with the music.

Still its hard for some people to find a genre all:my:faults would fit into, maybe thats finally the attraction to it?! After one year full of experiments the band shrunk back to a duo and decided to release a Best-Of Album, which will contain a musical journey through the last three years of all:my:faults packed in 12 songs for free-donwload on the band-own homepage.

Secrets is called this conclusion of a musical era and its a thank you to all the fans of the band. To all those that made it possible in 2005 finding all:my:faults in numerous internet-platforms regularly in the upper ranks of their Download-charts. With over 10.000 Downloads just in the last half of 2005 the band was promoted as the Best German Alternative Act in music.download.com.

The Web-Album will come in two versions: Beside the free version there’ll also be a Deluxe-Edition including the complete artwork and lyrics, all together for a favourable price.

“Everythings said?!”

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