The Search

New retro-inspired album “A Wave from the Sidelines” by THE SEARCH

“Change is the only constant” (Heraclitus)

Razmig Tekeyan and change are the only constants when talking about THE SEARCH. Having released 6 EP’s since 1999 under the name ‘The Silverslut’, the band has recorded 9 albums from the time of its formation (2003).

While their early work was dominated by 80’s-influenced new/dark wave and indie rock sound, the 2012 album “Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized” showed the more pop-oriented side of their music for the first time. Major shifts in the line-up since 2012 lead to the first solo effort of the band’s creative mind with last year’s album “Echo”, a minimalistic low-fi recording focusing on composition and lyrics.

15 years after the first album, Razmig Tekeyan – the founder and now sole member of THE SEARCH – decided to record and release the retro-inspired album “A Wave from the Sidelines”; a love letter to the sound of the 80’s meant for people to listen to during a late night drive.

The guitars were put aside while big drums, over-the-top tom fills, and Juno synthesizers united for a challenging yet successful transformation of songs written on acoustic guitar into a “Wall of Sound” reminiscent of the 80’s. The album was recorded and produced by Razmig Tekeyan in the band’s own studio and mastered by Tommy Steuer (TS-Musix Studios, Leipzig).

“’A Wave from the Sidelines’ is my take on the Synth-Wave-genre. I hope people will enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it.” (Razmig Tekeyan, 2018)

Label: afmusic
Release: 27/04/2018

1. Homecoming 04:10
2. Sleepwalker 04:11
3. Mister Tin Foil 04:08
4. Sunstroke 03:00
5. Lunar Living 03:54
6. Be Careful with Those Dreams 03:36
7. She Was Always on Her Way Somewhere 04:04
8. Runaways 04:15
9. Dawn 02:51
10. Birds of Passage 03:39
11. Back Outside 04:04
12. Zone 04:00