Principe Valiente

Principe Valiente

The Swedish post-punk/shoegaze band Principe Valiente mesmerized their listeners with their exceptional self-titled debut album in 2011, resulting in an extensive and successful tour throughout Europe. Having shared the stage with Peter Hook and The Light, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) and playing at the WGT Festival in Leipzig (Germany), the band started to prepare for their second album “Choirs of Blessed Youth”.

Last year a part of their new work was unveiled with the singles “Take Me With You” and “She Never Returned”, a collaboration with producer Niklas Björklund and star producer Ed Buller who was responsible for mixing the two singles.

With “Choirs of Blessed Youth” Principe Valiente have managed to make an irresistibly beautiful and intense continuation of what was started in their debut album. Resting in the shadowy arms of melancholy, their refined sound glistens with a coating of elegant darkness captivating the listener’s heart.

Principe Valiente are:
Fernando Honorato – vocals, electric bass
Jimmy Ottosson – electric guitars
Rebecka Johansson – keyboards
Joakim Janthe – drums, percussion