Powerful alternative rock with a generous helping of punk. Aggressive, emotional, uncompromising, but then again anthem-like, with a fine sense for melodies and catchy hooklines. Honest energetic rock instead of monotonous charts music.

SHEARER are a fresh breeze sweeping through the music business straight from Berlin, Germany.

But most of all SHEARER are authentic, rebellious and free! Free for everyone! They are a statement against the music industry’s conventions and shallowness: Independent Rock 2.0 instead of Digital Rights Management 2.0. They don’t deliver lawsuits free to the door but free music. SHEARER stand for everyone’s right to enjoy and particapte in music.

The reason behind this is obvious. SHEARER are into making music because they thoroughly enjoy music themselves. That doesn’t only reflect in how they deal with their fans – you can hear it, you can feel it. Where everyone is moaning and groaning – SHEARER are rocking. SHEARER are the the chili in the stale soup of everyday musical monotony. SHEARER are spicy and loud. SHEARER belong on this planet’s stages and into your speakers!

Band members:
Olli – Vox, Git
Ronny – Git, Vox
Andi – Bass, Vox
Matze – Drums

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