Supreme Soul

Supreme Soul

“Supreme Soul’s songs are broadly defined as Indie Rock, with its sounds especially resembling post-punk and new wave from the 80’s.
The band reveals itself as a fusion of guitars, synthesizers and enveloping rhythms, with high emotional and sensory intensity in its songs.
Supreme Soul’s songs mix romantic and epic ambiances with melancholy and gloomy sounds. This is how the band aims to build its legacy in the national and international music scene.”

Through our songs you may not find answers, but we assure you strange intimacies and mirror conversations. You won’t need to deny nor agree. We’ll lead you with our instruments through an atmosphere of thoughts. You’ll find inner struggles, disbeliefs, love and shadows. Sometimes you may find yourself in a crowded place, alone in your own distance. The perfect place for us. You may find yourself in a distant place crowded by your own questions. Retrospective. You may find yourself empty, whilst your reasoning is nothing but a reflection of human’s disgrace. House of pleasures. You may even find a vision to love and to fight. Supreme Soul can’t be described as a fraction, but as a whole. Supreme Soul is a Soundstory, a journey that once you’ve started you won’t be indifferent.

Supreme Soul.

Alexandre R. Malhado – Guitar
João de Melo – Synths & Programming
Tiago Nobre Dias – Voice and Lyrics
Gonçalo Salema de Matos – Drums
Pedro Valério – Bass