The Knutz

The Knutz

Daniel Abud (vocals/guitar), Tiago Abud (bass) and Airton Silva (drums) joined their musical influences together, based on artists such as David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Bauhaus, U2 and The Cure to create The Knutz’s sound in 2005. With own compositions, the group arranged its first demo CD in the following year. From its 17 recorded tracks, 5 have been rewritten to the band debut disk, ‘Ghost dance Party’, which will be out on the 17th of November.


In the last five years, the band has performed over the state of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. They played at Grito Rock 2008, in Cine Lapa, Rio de Janeiro; took part in the WoodGothic Festival, São Tomé das Letras (MG); and opened the Italian Gothic band Théatrê Dês Vampires concert at Tribe House, São Paulo.

Already known by their energetic performances and dark aesthetic, The Knutz participate in the International Gothic scene and their profile on has about 90 thousand views and 40 thousand fans.

The independent band’s first album, Ghost Dance Party, as its title suggests, creates a phantasmagoric environment, but relaxed at the same time, based on the mix of electronic sounds and distorted guitars. There are 11 tracks from ballads to dancing ones, passing through the alternative rock.

Recorded at Tomba Records and mastered by Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master (which works with great Brazilian names like Barão Vermelho, Titãs, Caetano Veloso, Lulu Santos, and other), the disk is focused on the international media, which is more open to the group nowadays.

Meanwhile, the band has taken part in many projects such as the Russian ‘Grave Jibes Fanzine’, the English ‘Spider’s Web Zine’, the Brazilian magazine ‘Dynamite’ and the Greek ‘Athens International radio 104.4 FM’. Besides, its demo disk was reviewed by the English writer Mick Mercer and included on his new book ‘Music To Die For’.

The four Ghost Dance Party singles’ videos are available in The Knutz’s myspace and youtube: ‘The Hanging Man’, ‘Where are you now?’, ‘Just Be You’ and ‘Ghost Dance Party’ – the theme song also appears in the German ‘The Smoke and Spotlight Compilation Vol.4’ and ‘Crawling Tunes Magazine’.

Currently, The Knutz are preparing themselves to the debut album tour from the 17th to 28th of November. Be welcome to the Ghost Dance Party.