The meanwhile 6th album of the Golden Apes with the title “Denying The Towers Our Words Are Falling From…” proves once more, that the band around the charismatic singer Peer Lebrecht isn’t part of the alternative wave and gothic scene wrongly. Songs such as “Liberation” can’t deny their relation to bands like Love Like Blood or Zeraphine, nevertheless the album is also standing in the spirit of classic wave-rock bands, such as The Chameleons or The Convent, whose influence is still continuing to have effect on the music scene.

Dreamy melodies, intense vocals and deep-going lyrics are just some of their music’s properties. The whole discography will be available from June on in all well-known download stores again, as well as the current album “Denying The Towers Our Words Are Falling From…” will be available from June 29th 2012 on as CD and as a download. Furthermore the Golden Apes are already working on a new album “Riot”, which estimated will be released in fall 2012. More details will be available on our website, soon.