With the Album “Ghost Dance Party”, The Knutz – the 4 young Brasilians Daniel (Guitar, Vocals) and Tiago Abud (Bass, Vocals), Airton Silva (Drums) and Cezare (Synths) – deliver a debut-album, which can compete with a lot of classics within the gothic scene. The Roots of the band definitely can be located in deathrock and punk, what doesn’t mean, that the 4 guys only come up with two-fisted rhythms, but also emotional ballads and catchy songs.

Just take a pinch classic deathrock, put a huge dose of gothic rock in, mix it with an attitude of punk rock, refine it with a unique, wild and emotional voice and you will get, what nowadays only a few people still know, but fanciers appreciate a lot: Catching rhythms, burly melodies and a grim atmosphere, like you never heard it for years.

“…Things look so strange, they gonna take you now, the steps are close behind you, cause you are in a Ghost Dance Party…”

Who thinks, that the age of dark music is over and there cannot be something new anymore, will wonder, how fresh and energetic The Knutz blaze their trail through the gothic scene and sweep everyone away, with their catching and melodic songs.