It’s been quiet for a while around the swedish indie-rocker THE SEARCH. After the successful album “Saturnine Songs” in 2008, the first germany gigs and a few line-up changes, the congenial boys from the beautiful Uppsala are back with the 6-CD download compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002”.

Between 2000 and 2002 The Search, back then called THE SILVERSLUT, recorded 6 EPs and released them in small DIY-editions. On the first two EPs “The Silverslut” (2000) and “Arctic Gold Days” (2000) some songs are still sung in swedish. Both EPs bring up the charme of older recordings, which show the band’s first steps in an adorable way.

Already with the third EP “Friday Saturday” it was already in the same year very clear, which changes the band has made in a very short time. The EP was very consistent with a central theme. With “Travoltol” (2001) it was successful to keep this improvement and so the EP was all about sex thematically.

On “Dancing in The Winter Sky” (2002) the band broke with their previous sound and all songs were created on the bass guitar. The sounds became less organic, but the beats much more rhythmic. And the band followed this trail faithfully with their last EP under the flag of SILVERSLUT – “Cosmetic Rock” (2002) – and some of the then created songs were also used for later THE SEARCH albums.

And while the band renamed into THE SEARCH in 2003, these 6 EPs were always mentioned as the first releases of the band and were available as a free download on for a long time. Due to the fact, that for example “Quash”, a song about love, horniness, despair and cowardice, “Juno”, a very cool song taken their name from the synthesizer of the former keyboard player Tina, “Me And Ritva And Some Cheap Scotch” or “Chloe” as timeless favourites are on this compilation. Mastermind Razmig decided to release the collection as a download compilation officially, to get over the time until the next THE SEARCH album will be released in autumn.